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Her brother “never met a drug he didn’t like”. But now he was gone, “stepped off the face of the earth!” What would you do?
His drinking days were behind him … a good man to have in your corner. But would he risk his recovery to save a friend?
Sent by God or the Devil? Damaged victim or evil personified? He dabbled in Horror and Heaven … and to him, they were the same thing.
Where would the terror take them?
The House …
It was known as the House on Orchard Street … and it was alive! Creeping into our world, it consumed those who entered … and it was growing!
They would meet in the House on Orchard Street … and would find that the truth was more insidious than some local ghost story. This Haunted House was a Virus … and it was spreading! Don’t go into Viral House!

If you enjoy books about paranormal activity, science fiction or ghost stories, this is a must read!

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