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Sedona, Arizona

Millions every year make the pilgrimage to its peaceful streets. It boasts vortexes of spiritual energy that are believed to imbue those who experience them with enlightenment and power.

But the true nature of that power …

Morgan Cole, a beloved son of Sedona, had done his best to wield that power responsibly. But he had lost his wife … and his son, to a power that would not be denied.

Nelson Cole was his father’s son, but a darker heart fueled his obsession. He turned his back on the town that hated him … until a still small voice called him home.

Grace Perkins returned to Sedona with nothing but her grief … and her knowledge of the power in the air. She would be tested again, and if she failed this time …

From the darkly metaphysical mind that brought you The New Wizards and Dead Willow comes the tale of a freakish family tree and the terrible fruit that flowers from its branches.

Science and the supernatural have come to Sedona.

May the best mutant win!

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