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Electro-magnetic fields have permeated our world, bombarding us from orbiting satellites, wriggling into our brains with micro-waves and cellphone radiation, unseen and unavoidable. Everyday generations are born bathed in waves of radiation that, less than a century ago, did not even exist.

We were told the waves were harmless.

Daniel … had no tolerance for electro-magnetic radiation, suffering crippling effects at the hands of waves he could not escape. But he would have to learn control, if he were to confront the terror that haunted his nightmares.

Grace and Roy … existed under the radar for years, scraping by on their gifts, with an eye back over their shoulders. When the terror found them, would they choose friendship … or survival?

Janelle and Jolene … sisters caught between the world of the mutants and the world of their own. The terror could split them apart … or drive them into the arms of the unknown.




Darlee … would face the terror head on. But was this orphaned child a harbinger of the New Humanity … or was she a force more fearsome than the terror itself?

When Evolution becomes a radioactive Revolution, on which side will you stand?

Science fiction and horror come together in this newest creation from the visionary mind that brought you “Viral House”,  “Dead Willow” and “Homologous”.

Choose your side, but don’t wait too long. The New Wizards are here!







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